You may be thinking, what’s the point in creating a vision board? Or I’ve made these before and they just don’t work!

And yet, countless people, including celebrities and CEO’s swear they do. Oprah Winfrey, for example. Corporations hold vision board workshops to inspire employees and team-build.

Why do they work for some and not others?

Simply put, you can’t just paste pictures and images on a board, place it where you can see it and hocus pocus, life is wonderful!

There are steps and techniques necessary to help align your brain with the vibration change. With these added components you can use the Law of Attraction to your advantage. And you should!

All things are made of energy, this is a scientific fact. You have the power to manipulate energy.

My first Vision Board focused on a vacation I had dreamed about for years. I wanted to go back to Hawaii. I created that Vision Board, hung it where I could see it every day and waited. Nothing was happening, no intuition to act upon, no ecstatic feelings for my upcoming vacation.

Well, this doesn’t work, I thought. However, I love researching and I made the decision to research farther into this. After all, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey and even Richard Branson all swear by visualization techniques.

Now several years later, I know how to make it work. I teach others to make it work.

If you are interested in the techniques, join us:

Vision Board Workshop


Are you wondering if I manifested my trip to Maui?

IMG_2288IMG_1148IMG_1142The view from our balcony.



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