Angel & Tarot Readings

It is no surprise that I love doing readings for people. I’ve seen angels for as long as I can remember. I’ve known that events were going to take place before they took place. I love talking to you about your angels and giving people guidance on their journey.

I started giving readings over 30 years ago. I could be called an intuitive counselor. My readings are informative, helpful and completely honest.  I offer alternatives and guidance as given to me by the angels.

Each reading is unique to you and your path. The universe offers you advice and insight through the reading, the choices you make after the reading are yours alone. The Universe never interferes in your free will. I often tell clients it’s like a walk in the woods, as you walk you come upon a log blocking the path, you make the choice to climb over it or go around it.

I will be adding a services page around May 1st, 2017 to allow you to book readings with me.