Not Just for January Anymore

With our habit of New Year’s resolutions, we can get stuck in the thought that Vision Boards must be made in January. It’s not true!

Your journey in January may have been exactly as you wanted it to be, yet as humans, we often change our mind once we see where we are headed. That’s great! It’s how we learn what we really want.

wrong turn


Maybe you feel like you took a wrong turn somewhere?

aurora borealis

Maybe you decided on a new path?

A vision board can help you get back on track or lead you to a completely new place.


So why a vision board workshop? The energy of a group is so uplifting and you have fun while creating which in turn helps eliminate the fear.  In addition, new techniques and processes will be taught to enhance your power.


Join us – Vision Board Workshop


Why Attend a Vision Board Workshop?

Why pay for a Vision Board workshop when you can create one at home?

1) It’s fun. Plain and simple, we have a lot of fun in the workshop.

2) It’s a new tribe – Come by yourself or gather your girlfriends, your daughter, your mom and join us. Meet new people, form new friendships. An added plus to this new tribe? Networking!

3) There’s no judgement. You want what you want, the group energy is uplifting and supportive.

4) Positive Energy, Empathy and Laughter – The energy is amazing. Everyone in the room is there for the same thing, to achieve a dream. Intending to change their lives and have fun doing it.

5) Techniques & Strategies – the tools you need to make your Vision Board successful.

If you are a fan of Abraham Hicks (and I am!) this is a great place to get into the Vortex.

Why $44? Doreen Virtue, in her book Angel Numbers 101, states the number 44 means – The angels are giving you extra comfort, love and support right now. Ask them for help with everything and listen to their guidance through your intuition.

I see 44’s everywhere. And added bonus? All you need to bring is yourself,  everything you need to create your board provided by Powerđź’«Lines.

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